Functional beauty


Fusing functionality and aesthetics to provide unique solutions, IN DETAIL creates interior design that makes sense. “I always work from the idea that there is something missing. Something that my designs complete,” explains Ilse Bruggemans, the creative mind behind IN DETAIL.

Looking at FOLD, one of Bruggemans’ projects, it is clear what IN DETAIL stands for. The white benches embody minimalistic and functional design, yet are a treat for the eye. “I got the idea for FOLD when I saw people outside having lunch on a bench: clumsy, because they did not have a table,” says Bruggemans. “FOLD enables people to use it as a ‘standard’ bench where they lean against the back, or to use the back as a table by turning around.”

Having worked in management and marketing all her life, Bruggemans decided five years ago to completely change course by freelancing and starting studies in interior design. Doing a work-study combination, she was active in the field right away. She went to Milan, where she visited the design studio of the famous Italian designer Achille Castiglioni. “Castiglioni got his inspiration from daily life,” says Bruggemans. “For example, he designed a seat for his wife enabling her to sit and read despite her back problems. That is what I want to achieve with my designs too: offer solutions, help people.” After showing in Milan and Belgium, Bruggemans recently exhibited at ‘Occasionele Ontmoetingen’, an event bringing together designers and people from the art world.

So what does the future hold? “Currently I am focussing on object design. I have just started a project of designing jewellery. I like jewellery to be minimalistic and have a certain cleanness, but could not find that anywhere. So, naturally I decided to make it myself.”

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