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The Drisag showroom in Northern Belgium is the living embodiment of ‘the new workplace’. In the 1,500-square-metre space there are people brainstorming, working on their laptops, meeting and relaxing. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, the transparent, flexible workspace is a place of inspiration.

Drisag is a family business that has been inspiring offices since 1970. Their furniture and accessories are designed to make people feel good at work. The ergonomic design promotes healthy postures and is handmade in Belgium. Drisag believes that happy employees are more productive and will get better results for the business.

At Drisag, along the E313 by Herentals, east of Antwerp, they practice what they preach: their office and showroom are located in the Frame21 building that includes meeting places, sport facilities and a bar. It does not just house the Drisag office staff, but also workers from other local businesses.

“Happy workers are our motivation to create the most inspiring interior concepts every day,” says Ad Renders, managing partner at Drisag. “People spend a lot of time in the office, so it should be a pleasant and practical place that facilitates their work.”

Drisag helps clients create the design and functionality that suits the company’s atmosphere and activities best. Renders: “Nowadays, a lot of businesses want flexibility in their office, so they can adjust it to the task at hand. Therefore, we work on new designs that can transform according to the needs. For example, a table that can turn into a whiteboard, dividing wall or storage cabinet.”

Highly innovative and constantly looking for new and better designs, Drisag likes to surprise their customers. They run an interior and design contest twice a year, which is popular with students and budding designers alike. The winning designs are manufactured and sold by Drisag, resulting in fresh input for the office design specialist and publicity for the designer.

When a business wants to change their office environment, a visit to the Drisag showroom will show them the different possibilities. The knowledgeable staff helps them explore and choose: what does their ideal office environment look like, what are the requirements? Next, they design a model of the new look which the customer can review.

As soon as the design is approved, Drisag produces the pieces in their own factory across the road. Everything is produced to a high quality standard, in order to create an inspirational and durable workplace.

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