This aesthetic clinic celebrates positivity


Thirty years have passed since Dr. Marianne Mertens first opened the doors of her very own private clinic offering plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Based in a beautiful old building in the heart of Antwerp, Mertens and her team are determined to make people feel comfortable with their own bodies, whether that is with the help of breast surgery, eyelid construction or a full body lift.

“What I love most about plastic surgery is the positivity,” Mertens tells us without any hesitation. “We help our patients feel good about their bodies, and even after all these years, their smiling faces are why I love this job so much.” In addition, Mertens admits that she enjoys being able to work with the whole body rather than having to choose a surgical speciality. “From a very young age I was fascinated with surgery, and what I enjoyed about this particular direction is that there’s so much to it.”

Mertens’ enthusiasm for the sheer amount of aesthetic techniques available is backed up by the wealth of services offered within the clinic. Facial rejuvenation techniques include dermal fillers, facelifts and eyelid corrections, while liposuction treatments range from single arm to full body lifts. And then there is rhinoplasty, otoplasty, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, and micro needling.

Whatever the treatment, Mertens always makes sure to thoroughly research her patients’ bodies, as well as their objectives in advance. “As a plastic surgeon, being able to filter out patients who are not doing it for the right reasons is absolutely crucial,” she states. Therefore, giving yourself plenty of time to carefully consider your motives is always the first step.

At the clinic, new clients are always asked to come in for two separate consultations. During these sessions, Mertens will assess the relevant body areas in order to establish what treatment is needed to achieve a patient’s desired results. “It quite often happens that a patient comes in for a breast augmentation when all they need is an uplift,” Mertens explains.

In addition to the positivity and variation that comes with running a private surgery clinic, Mertens also likes the fact that it forces her to stay up to date with scientific developments and medical evolutions. That is why her treatments always include the latest aesthetic and rejuvenation techniques around, and even the smallest refinements can make a world of difference to her patients.


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