The fun office

Following the examples of the likes of Google and Facebook, companies are increasingly getting rid of their grey, soulless offices and moving towards colourful, cosy and fun workspaces. Not only does it boost the happiness of staff, it also skyrockets the image of your company. With these quirky pieces of furniture, employees may no longer want to leave the office at 5pm sharp.


Office jungle gym
(Main image)

Do you need a break from sitting at your desk? Lay, hang or climb in the bright yellow BuzziJungle! Its many comfortable chairs are perfect to work in, have a brainstorm session together or just to take that well-deserved lunchtime siesta.

From € 40,644

Left to right: Cabinet from Bulo | Fusiontable from Fusiontables

Organised chaos

For some people, a little bit of chaos is necessary to function. With the Overdose cabinet, there will be organised chaos galore.

From € 8,190

Work hard …

… play harder! That is a credo we love to live by. With the Fusiontable in your office, your conference room will be hosting a pool tournament in no time.

Price upon request

Left to right: Cork Cactus from Hema | Regal seat from Bulo

Holiday mood

During working hours, we all dream about holidays to faraway places. With this adorable cork cactus on your desk, however, the south will come to you instead.

€ 7.50

Office throne

With their squeaky wheels and uncomfortable backrests, most office chairs are uninviting. Enter, the Easy Rider. With this regal seat, you can navigate through your company’s corridors in style and comfort.
€ 2,240

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