The game is afoot


Autumn is for cocooning. And what better way to do that than by playing board games in the warm sanctuary of your living room? Invite some friends over, roll the dice and play the night away with these five captivating, Benelux-made games.

Midnight sun
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As there’s no night or day on the planet Solenia, one hemisphere always lives in the dark while the other is constantly flooded in light. During this challenging board game, you help both sides to trade resources with each other. However, both sides want to receive more than they are willing to give up! €35

Left to right: Deer Lord | Bilder

Two-in-one game

With Deer Lord, you play two games at once. Not only do you challenge each other in exciting battles, but you also try to complete hidden missions without your friends finding out. Can you subtly compliment yourself or hit your head on the table in the middle of the game? €20

Say it with wood

Did you like Pictionary? Then you will adore Bilder! Instead of drawing what’s on your card, you build it with wooden blocks in different shapes. Some can be pretty tricky, so thinking outside of the box is an absolute must. €35

Left to right: The Golden Age | Revenge of the Dictators

Going for gold

We’re in the Golden Age of business. Amsterdam is the world’s centre of arts and trade and you will want to benefit from that as well. In Chartered: The Golden Age, you establish your first warehouse in the city. Showcase your entrepreneurial mindset and zero compassion with your competition, and invest your way to victory. €49

Battle of the tyrants

At the annual Dictator convention in Hawaii, Hitler, Stalin, Kim-Jong Un and seven other colleagues start a rat-race to take over the United States. But only one can become the uber despot! Revenge of the Dictators is a bold and quirky game for sore losers who do whatever it takes to win. €45

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