Out of this world

Summer means travelling, and travelling means souvenirs. Whether you stay close to home or roam the world: you will inevitably return with a memento. However, why not invest in something more exotic than a miniature Big Ben this year? With these intergalactic memorabilia, you might as well have been on a city trip to a galaxy far, far away.


Left to right: Lamp from Moooi | Time Dot from Vij5

Bright supernova

Few pieces of art are as enchanting as the endless sea of lights which we call the galaxy. With its 252 LEDs, the Raimond Tensegrity Floor Lamp mimics this mesmerising view. Dim it to your liking and let your house bathe in its soft glow.



In the ever-dark galaxy, night and day are relative. Luckily, the futuristic Graphic Time Dot helps you to keep track of time. Its moonlike disks orbit around the sphere’s core at their own pace, reinventing the concept of clock hands.


Left to right: Duvet cover from Snurk | Astronaut vase from &klevering

Deep space hibernation

Three, two, one, ready for launch! With this adorable Rocket duvet cover, your rug rats will be taken off to great dreams in mere seconds. The cover comes in plenty of sizes, allowing parents to transform their room into a launch site too.


Elegant alien

After shooting plenty of fauna into space, it is time to spruce up the eternal nada with some blossoming joy. This heroic astronaut vase takes your flowers to the moon and back.


Ilumi Glow from Ontwerpduo

Just like the moon reflects the sun’s light at night, the Ilumi Glow reverberates its bright glare until long after sunset. The mystical dots in the glass dome charge themselves with sunlight or when the lamp is on, and release their blue magic once darkness falls. After three hours, the last sparkles die out as well, letting the dark take over.
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