Nothing screams luxury like having a swimming pool in your garden. But to take a plunge mere metres from your back door, you must first decide which type of pool it is you want. Global player Compass Pools is a trustworthy partner to turn those dreams into reality. By combining the benefits of a monoblock pool with exquisite craftsmanship, they are bound to turn your garden into a tropical Eden that lasts a lifetime.

“A monoblock pool gets industrially manufactured in one piece,” says David Holiviers, executive director of Compass Pools Benelux. “Therefore, there are no ugly seams in the tub, making it stronger and more pleasant at your feet.” By manufacturing them out of ceramic composite, Compass Pools makes them feel even softer and silkier. To also maximise its strength, they add a layer of carbon as well, a material used in the aviation industry because of its unsurpassed resilience. Don’t take our word for it, however, the 40-year warranty they offer says it all. “The material is also easy to clean. It is so smooth that bacteria will fail to latch onto it. The bit of dirt that manages to stick against its walls, you can easily wash off with a moist rag.”

Compass Pools Discover Benelux magazine June 2019

Self-cleaning and safe

And keeping the water fresh will be equally easy. With their groundbreaking VANTAGE system, your tub will clean itself. “It works with a series of automatic nozzles, programmed to function whenever you aren’t swimming. They induce a stream throughout the pool which guides all the leaves and dirt straight towards the filter, keeping the water spotless. The only thing left for you to do is emptying the basket once a week.” With a VANTAGE system, you will also have to use less chlorine or salt and your pool will keep warm longer. “To optimise your heating even more, a pool cover is also advised. Every situation is different; therefore, we will always help you decide which cover is most adequate. Not only will it help you economise on energy, but it also saves lives. In combination with a built-in safety border, our laths can carry up to 100 kilogrammes. This way, your children or pets are safe from harm at all times.”

180 options

The biggest misconception people have about monoblock pools is that the choice is very limited. At Compass Pools Benelux, the opposite is true. With 15 different models in 12 colours, you can choose from 180 different pools. “Our experience has taught us that this selection has something for every taste and space. Yet, if you can’t find your pick in our assortment, we can always look in the catalogue of our mother firm, Compass Pools. They produce a total of 30 different models, of which we only offer half in the Benelux. Yet, if you really want one of those, we will go above and beyond to import it.”

Ready in five days

Yet, what sets Compass Pools apart the most is its trustworthy service. From the moment you decide to have a pool in your garden, Compass Pools stands by you to offer some non-committal advice. “We first sit down with you to get to know you and your wishes and expectations. We can do that in one of our offices, yet, we prefer meeting at your home, so we can look at your garden ourselves. After decennia in the business, we focus on different things. Will it be hard to get a permit for the pool? Is there enough space for a technical room? Will the pool catch the maximum of sunlight you have in the garden? Once we understand what it is you want, we put together a quote. Obviously, still free of charge or obligation.” Afterwards, things can go fast. If Compass Pools has your preferred pool in stock, you will be able to plunge within five days to two weeks. “The placement of the pool itself only takes a day. You, however, need two more days to fill it with water and a fourth to add the final touches, like the curbs. On the fifth day, there is nothing left to do but to blow up your lilo and light the barbecue.”

Compass Pools Discover Benelux magazine

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