Beauty really does come from within


Saying that vitamins are good for us would be like declaring that puppies are cute – it is common knowledge. Yet, getting your body to benefit from those powerful agents can be a little trickier than it seems. Collalift provides a solution by offering supplements that will make it a whole lot easier for your body to reap the rewards. Using minerals, amino acids and an endless range of vitamins, theirs is a natural product range aimed at letting your inner beauty thrive.

With over 15 years of experience as an international fashion model, director Anja Henneman has always been passionate about beauty. So when she found out that her partner, a professional orthomolecular specialist, developed a new line of beauty supplements based on vitamins and minerals, she was the first to tell him to bring it to market. Collalift products are unique in that they are pure: a quick glance at the ingredients will tell you that both their powders and tablets are completely natural.

The Collalift journey started with homoeopathic anti-aging supplements, which contain the active ingredient biotin. While using botox contributes to a line-free face, Collalift offers a natural way of keeping the skin tight and smooth from the inside. “It is not just suitable for treating facial skin, but provides an equally wonderful solution for combatting lines in the neck and décolleté areas,” says Henneman, who admits that, at 56, it absolutely is her secret to looking younger.

In addition to an anti-ageing range, Collalift offers homoeopathic supplements Hair&Nails and ‘Zonnebruin®’ tanning food. The latter is made with natural antioxidants like copper and carotene, which all contribute to protecting the skin against sun damage. “And the best thing about it,” Henneman tells us, “is that the combination of carotene and sea algae will help your skin achieve a natural tanned complexion, while simultaneously, the copper will make it last longer.” What is not to like?

Though some people might start a bit earlier than others, Henneman has found that, in general, an increasing amount of men and women are looking for natural anti-ageing solutions. Does that sound like you? Collalift can be purchased at most Holland & Barrett branches and online at their own webshop, or the one by John Beerens beauty.

Caption: For many years, Anja Henneman herself worked as an international model.

For many years, Anja Henneman herself worked as an international model. Photo by Elke Smit

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