Common preconceptions about cosmetic surgery, such as noticeable and unnatural results, can put people off considering medical cosmetic treatment, but these outcomes are often due to the poor quality of the treatment. Dutch cosmetic surgery centre Clinic 28 has been defying these prejudices for almost 20 years and believes that a professionally performed cosmetic correction should look natural and should make the client look refreshed without changing the original facial structure.

Clinic 28 | Finding the balance in natural beauty | Discover Benelux Magazine

Two decades of safety and quality first

Clinic 28, which has one branch in Den Haag and a second in Arnhem, specialises in non-invasive cosmetic corrections which strive to emphasise natural beauty, such as injectables, botox, sculptra to restore facial volume, hyaluronic acid injection, skin correcting treatment and much more. For two decades, its specialists have adopted the most up-to-date and cutting-edge techniques in the business to ensure the safe completion of natural treatments with natural results and to stay true to their philosophy that the outcome should make the man or woman look revitalised.

One of the clinic’s doctors, Dr Fred Tjan, emphasises that the consultants always strive for the corrections to complement every individual’s natural beauty, and adds that for them, the nicest compliment someone could give to a person who underwent treatment at Clinic 28 is: “Wow, you look so good and refreshed.”

Clinic 28 | Finding the balance in natural beauty | Discover Benelux Magazine

Even though cosmetic medical treatment is a relatively new development and many of the treatments are new, there has been major progress in the industry in the last few years. The clinic’s 20-year expertise means it is aware of what techniques are safe to use, and its doctors have the knowledge to complete them correctly.

In the Netherlands, since this year, any doctors looking to specialise in cosmetics must attain the title of Cosmetic Doctor KNMG to ensure safe practice of surgeries and to protect patients’ health. All Clinic 28 doctors, who always put safety and quality first, comply with all the industry’s regulations and have obtained the necessary titles. Furthermore, they are all passionate about working with the most up-to-date equipment and are frequently trained to use new techniques to do so. The clinic is also very international and welcomes many foreign patients, as most of the surgeons speak multiple languages, to cater to every client’s needs.

Clinic 28 | Finding the balance in natural beauty | Discover Benelux Magazine

Putting the patient at the centre of treatment

At this specialist clinic, the patient always comes first and is central to the entire process. From the first consultation, which is free, the doctor will go into detail about the procedure and discuss what the different possibilities are to achieve the desired result. The face is always seen as a whole, and the specialists will make small and subtle changes to the complete picture without changing the client’s look. Clinic 28 knows every individual is different, and that it is not possible to create one solution for every person. Instead, the doctors work closely with clients to bring natural beauty to the foreground and highlight the individual’s facial strengths.

By taking regular and 3D pictures, the face is analysed and, together with the client, a plan is developed to gradually make subtle changes to attain a natural, fresher and well-rested result. With facial treatments, quality and safety is a big priority, so to ensure this, the specialists make an echo of the face to discover whether there are anatomical abnormalities which may be critical for treatment. The clinic was one of the forerunners to adopt this technique and method, which further helps the doctors attain the best results.

Clinic 28 | Finding the balance in natural beauty | Discover Benelux Magazine

Dr Tjan explains: “We see the face as a whole, so the treatment is not about getting rid of one small wrinkle, it’s about understanding how this small part fits into the facial structure and how we can make the face as a whole look revitalised.

“When you look at beauty and analyse it, you can strive to achieve a lot of different things, but for us, it is important to create balance and peace visually, and to rid the face of exhaustion. We want to emphasise the proportions which exist in nature and art. And looking at what methods to use, you could see the methods as paint: it is not the paint but instead it is the way the painter uses the paint on the canvas that defines what art is.”

Although the main emphasis in the clinic is on facial treatments, it also has sub-specialists who can complete other surgeries. The latest addition is the ‘peachlift’, which is a relatively new treatment within the field. It allows specialists to safely correct bodily shapes, and is mostly performed on the backside, arms or legs, by tightening and boosting the skin.

Clinic 28 | Finding the balance in natural beauty | Discover Benelux Magazine

Without disruption or down-time

Since 2001, the clinic has created the highest level of service available in both branches, and by keeping up to date with popular treatments and training its staff to ensure the safest methods, Clinic 28 can ensure the patient’s life won’t be disrupted by the procedure. As all treatments are non-invasive, there is no general anaesthesia involved. Instead, the doctors use local anaesthetics, meaning the the down-time healing process following the treatment is minimal, so the client won’t have to take one or two weeks off to recover. From start to finish, all treatments at Clinic 28 are designed to be as un-intrusive for the patient as they can be.

Clinic 28 | Finding the balance in natural beauty | Discover Benelux Magazine

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