Crafting the contemporary office


Alternative workplace strategies, such as flex-working, are rapidly changing the way organisations are structured and offices are laid out. With over 30 years of experience, office furniture company Buro Market knows how to follow trends, yet stay true to its core values.

“The essence of Buro Market has always been to build an office space focused on functionality and comfort,” Yuna Clément, marketing co-ordinator of Buro Market explains.

Based in Vilvoorde, the Belgian company sells furniture and helps offices with their interior design. In one of their six showrooms, or on their website, clients can buy everything needed for a functional and comfortable work space: from office plants to an entirely new interior.

The passionate team at Buro Market is up to the challenge of getting the best out of every work space. Clients can decide to design an office themselves, with products by Buro Market, or they can let the company create the space for them.

Nowadays, working in an office is not what it used to be, with global, 24/7 access to the internet and the implementation of the New Ways Of Working strategy. And this can prove to be quite a challenge.

“Work has become more dynamic in every aspect,” Clément explains. “Nowadays, people are given the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want. Each room in an office fulfils a different role. There are, for example, silent areas, brainstorm rooms and chill-out zones. An office needs to be built to make the most of the work. We hope to help with that new way of working.”

‘Comfort’ is of course the key word according to Clément. “People need to find the comfort of their home in the workspace, which means that from chairs to wall paintings, everything needs to feel like home. Nowadays, ergonomic furniture, such as sit-stand desks, are getting more and more important.”

In Buro Market’s striking showrooms, clients can get advice from their experienced employees. “Everyone is welcome to ask for feedback or advice, and, of course, to request the design of a whole new interior. Our power is always to listen to a client. Sometimes people come in with a big list of requirements, however, often they don’t realise that a small change can make a big impact.”

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