Beekwilder makes businesses extraordinary


When luxury hotel TwentySeven opened its doors in Amsterdam last autumn, they knew exactly who to ask for help in getting ready for the busy December month. Well-known decoration and presentation specialist Beekwilder managed to create a Christmas atmosphere as sumptuous as the hotel itself. After 95 years, this family business is still going strong.

Beekwilder is a household name for any business that is serious about product presentation and visually supporting their brand. Since 1923, Beekwilder has been supplying products and services to companies and institutions that want to reach, inspire or visually seduce their audience. Their clients include supermarkets, museums, shops, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and schools. Big brands like Rituals and Vue Cinema are fans, but also small independent entrepreneurs too.

“What characterises Beekwilder is the level of attention and perfection that goes into everything we do,” says Inge Wiersema, managing director. “We are constantly improving and innovating the products and our own business. Prototypes are studied, criticised and improved until the right quality is achieved. We assist clients so that they can offer their customers a special experience. There is a choice of 4,000 products in stock, or clients can ask for bespoke concept development or product design by Beekwilder designers. Clients can choose to decorate themselves, or ask for our help with decorating on location. We always try to understand our clients really well so we can support them across the board. For example, when we found that our clients had a need to improve their in-store profits, we started the Beekwilder Instore Academy that organises workshops and tailor-made display and presentation courses.”

Beekwilder applies sustainable business practices in their operations and supply chain. Most of their display and presentation materials are produced in China, where they make sure the children of factory workers are educated and looked after on the compound. Closer to home, they organise a second-hand market where clients can buy and sell their used materials so they get utilised over and over again.

The Beekwilder team firmly believes that an exceptional presentation will lead to better business results and they all work with great passion. Wiersema describes how after each holiday, the employees share photos of inspiring shop windows that they spotted abroad. She also confesses that she can not walk past a Christmas tree without unfolding the branches properly: “I can’t help it, making business extraordinary is in the Beekwilder DNA!”

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