There is something about bright colours which triggers our deepest emotions. The three female artists from Artwork ANT know that like no other. As a collective, they create spectacular canvases which all tell their very own story.

“The three of us had followed each other’s work for a while already,” says Talsu Alper, the artist representing the capital T in the collective Artwork ANT. “At one point, we decided to start creating some work together and that went great. So, we never stopped.”

Alongside Aylin Erkan and Nezahat Ozturk – respectively the A and the N in the acronym – she now creates epoxy art and fluid art. “For us, creating art is like writing in a diary. We express what we feel and experience in our daily lives. Every piece we create tells a story about us.”

To let you pick out the next painting for your living room in the best possible conditions, the women of Artwork ANT showcase all their creations in their own, spacious gallery. “Upon appointment, everyone is welcome to discover our work and have a coffee with us. We like explaining the story behind our pieces to potential buyers. This way, they really know what they buy. Upon request, we also create custom-made paintings in the exact colours you request.”

Although their collective is still rather young, Artwork ANT’s work is already exhibited all around the world. The prestigious Hilton hotel chain even features its canvases in their branches on all the continents. “As artists, it feels simply amazing that there is so much interest and enthusiasm. We can hardly keep up with the demand.”

Artwork ANT

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