Architecture as an export product


They are often referred to as an ‘encyclopaedia of architectural experience’ for their incredible knowledge on the subject. By turning that wealth of knowledge into an innovative export product, XS Architecten is taking the world by storm: in particular, the world of restaurant design.

The name of XS Architecten does not derive from anything one might assume. On the contrary: “The X in our name stands for the experience of a well-designed building, when all the needs of every person that enters a building are met,” Pascal Rijnders, co-owner of XS Architecten explains.

Their designs are more than just striking buildings or smartly decorated interiors. Each inch of every project has been thoroughly thought-out thanks to the impressive knowledge that the company has gained over the years.

“When designing a restaurant, for example, we think of so much more than just the look and feel. The devil is really in the detail: from the comfort of the chairs, to the sound system in a crowded room or how the restaurant staff uses the fridge or the client’s route to the toilet. We take care of all of that and design a restaurant which fits every requirement,” Rijnders reveals.

Through the use of 3D design, which allows the client to experience the designs before they are built, XS Architecten goes the extra mile for its clients, who come from all over the world. Rijnders: “Our aim is to merge the vision of a marketing department with our technical approach.” From big to small restaurants in Sweden, Iceland and Germany, as well as fast-food chains such as Burger King and KFC, XS Architecten’s global client catalogue is ever-expanding. This has led them to approaching architecture in a novel manner.

“With the arrival of BIM software and internet, we can communicate on a global scale. Therefore, we see architecture as something we can export all over the world, it’s an international formula. Often at times, it is assumed that it’s better to hire a local architect because of contracts and experience. But with all our extensive knowledge, we can apply it to anywhere and work from everywhere in the world. Our goal is to turn our architecture into an export product. A client can hire the architects and we’ll do the rest of the work on location,” Rijders concludes.


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