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Dutch TV game show Wie is de Mol? is known for its many beautiful settings, but when its mind games and thrilling activities unfolded against the backdrop of Georgia last year, viewers found themselves wondering why they had never visited this magnificent country before. Are you one of them? Then meet TikaTours, a Georgian luxury tour operator here to offer you a life-changing travel experience.

Operating in all countries in the South Caucasus region of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, TikaTours offers organised trips ranging from the lavish to the adventurous, topped off with a touch of unpredictability. All tours are themed, including wine & gourmet (centred on the country’s wine-making traditions and its eclectic cuisine), adventure & hiking (exploring Georgia’s jaw-dropping scenery), art & culture (diving into the history and celebrating its artists), dance & music, MICE, investment and special VIP tours.


TikaTours have been specialising in luxury experiences for 18 years, during which they’ve had the honour of hosting famous American football player Larry Darnell Fitzgerald, Indonesian celebrity chef Farah Quinn and popular American tennis player Barbara Smith. Due to unmatched experience and a well-connected network, they’re able to offer holiday-goers the most unique experiences time and time again.

Unbeatable value

With a range of luxury properties in their name, TikaTours offers incomparable, ultra-luxury holidays. First, there’s Chateau Svanidze, a medieval manor house with incredible views across the snow-capped mountains of The Caucasus. Here, you’ll be invited to feast on fine cuisine prepared by renowned chefs, enjoy premium local wines and experience the Kakheti region at its best with a charming and knowledgeable private tour guide.


Then there’s the extraordinary Marani restaurant, combining traditional Georgian cooking with the most spectacular views of Old Tbilisi (the historic part of the country’s capital). Dishes are fresh, local and eco-friendly and the incredible outdoor terrace is the perfect place to unwind while the barman fixes you your favourite drink. You’ll be spoiled even more when TikaTours takes you to their ancient bathhouse – which happens to be the country’s oldest and largest of its kind – where a sense of luxury, wellbeing and intimate privacy will envelop your body upon entrance.

No matter your budget, interests or travel partners: TikaTours will ensure you make the most of your trip to Georgia. Ready to pack your bags? Call or email them today to book the journey of a lifetime.

Web: tikatours.com



Phone: +995 551 402 223


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