T he massive trees adorning many a green lung leave little to the imagination: gardens are built to last. Paul Deroose Landscape Architects knows like no other how to design a green oasis for decades to come: “Just stay away from impermanent trends.”

“You don’t build a garden for just a few years,” says Paul Deroose, founder of family business Paul Deroose Landscape Architects. “When intelligently designed and well-maintained, your garden can easily outlive you. As landscapers, we must anticipate on that by creating timeless designs.” To achieve this, they use qualitative plants and trees which suit the specific location perfectly. Because not only should they match with the soil and climate of their new home, they have to fit in the already-existing environment as well. “A garden is never an island. In fact, it is an addition to the world surrounding it. Therefore, every garden must be created to match the area’s context.”

In their designs, Deroose and his team keep safe distance from impermanent trends since they tend to go back out of style as suddenly as they popped up. “By following such tendencies, you burden your garden with an expiry date. Classic elements like grass, water and trees, on the other hand, never go out of style. Instead, they stretch your yard in all dimensions, diffuse sunlight and attract animals.”

Besides creating private gardens, Paul Deroose Landscape Architects is a respected partner of governments and businesses galore. “The era of depressing, grey industrial sites lies behind us. More and more companies now opt for a touch of greenery alongside their buildings. Not only does this improve your brand’s image towards passers-by, but a nice and healthy working environment is also proven to make your employees happier and more productive.”

When your dream garden is finally realised, you still need a bit of patience before everything has grown into place. Those who want to have a nearly-finished garden as soon as the gardeners leave, can, of course, choose to plant fully-grown trees and plants instead of small ones. An option which is way more expensive and, according to Deroose, a missed opportunity as well. “Seeing your garden grow is a true delight. It is like seeing your child grow up. You just don’t want to miss out on that childhood.”

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