A solution to the 4,000 pieces of luggage that go missing every hour


Every day, thousands of pieces of luggage are lost. They are found too, of course, but are not always returned to their owner. Fons van Acker and Peter Bierman have both travelled a lot and, as many of us have also experienced, have lost their luggage several times –which is why they went and created MousTag.

The innovative luggage tags known as MousTag are durable and maintain privacy, yet still make it as easy as possible for luggage to be returned to its owner. “We register details on a secure website and free app,” Van Acker explains. “Users can log in using a code and you therefore no longer need to share your address on a card for everyone to see. We keep the data safe, yet are still able to connect you with the current holder of your bag. Only the parties with the required permissions will be able to view any relevant information.”

The information you enter is primarily used to get lost luggage back, but can also be used as a useful travel diary. “If you want to visualise your journey, MousTag creates your very own page that keeps track of where you’ve been. Here, you can add photos and text to the locations and share this page with friends and family.”

It may sound like it might be an expensive tool, but it is not. For only €14,95, users get their own MousTag with a fun print. Van Acker adds: “No subscription is needed. Instead, users make a one-time purchase for lifelong use. And you can also promote your company through our MousTag. Some business customers of ours are Ebags, Airbus 380, Accor Hotels, KBC bank and many more.”



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