Designing handbags and shoppers with unique prints is nothing new to Dutch brand Bulaggi. As a matter of fact, their bags have been around for 50 years. Next year, they will mark this golden jubilee with a special ‘Celebrate’ collection.

Bulaggi designs bags for the modern woman. A woman who takes care of herself and her family, who takes pride in her home and has a career and an active social life. In order to make the most of this busy lifestyle, she needs an organised and practical bag that she can take with her to any occasion. “We design bags for women who wake up in the morning, make breakfast, drive their kids to school and then go off to their jobs,” says Sabrina van Wijnbergen-Fischer, Bulaggi’s sales and export manager.

It is for this reason that every Bulaggi bag comes with a set of long shoulder straps and they all contain multiple pockets to keep both small or bigger items in place. That way, you will never have to endlessly search for your car keys or your phone, even if you are one of those women who carry their entire life in their purse.

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Next year marks their 50th anniversary, during which they will launch a unique ‘Celebration’ range. This collection will be released gradually over a 12-month period and therefore covers multiple items. With their stylish design, the Celebration collection will set the tone for the other bags that Bulaggi will launch in 2019.

The company, originally called Arwa and rebranded two years ago by the founders’ daughter, started off making all kinds of leatherwear. Over the years, they switched from leather products to making high-quality polyurethane-coated leather (PU-leather) bags and wallets, and they sell these all over Europe and beyond.

With Bulaggi, you can be sure to get a fashionable bag, as their patterns are one of a kind. Want to mix and match? That is no problem, as they carry multiple handbags that have a canvas counterpart. Bulaggi also pays a great deal of attention to shoe trends, so their collections always match the latest styles and can easily be combined with a new pair of shoes.

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