Located in south-western Luxembourg, within the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette, the commune of Mondercange may be found in one of the oldest parts of Luxembourg, yet it is bursting with modernity and innovative new projects, not to mention the exciting news that Esch-sur-Alzette will become European Capital of Culture in 2022.

Brimming with history

Given its prime position on the borders of the Grand Duchy and Lorraine, Mondercange has lived a long and eventful past. In 1989, the remains of a large Roman estate were discovered, proving a village existed here all the way back in the Gallo-Roman era.

By 1804, the town of Mondercange counted 80 houses, while nearby Bergem counted 20 and Pontpierre and Foetz 21. Although the 19th century and the rise of the steel industry massively transformed the neighbouring municipalities, Mondercange remained dominated by agriculture. It was only in the 1980s that Mondercange experienced a real demographic eruption – going from 4,000 inhabitants in 1983 to 7,000 today.

Population growth

According to various projections, Mondercange can expect to have a population of around 8,500 inhabitants within ten years. In light of this, the municipality now has a clear vision of its situation and has established a map to support the development of Mondercange until the year 2030.

Development and regeneration

There are many exciting upcoming projects in Mondercange, including the construction of a new workshop for the town’s technical services. The current workshops are located in the centre of Mondercange and date from the early 1980s, while the future municipal workshop will be located in the ‘op Werbett’ natural area.

The new workshop will meet the latest energy standards and will be built to last many years. It will be perfectly integrated into its natural environment, while the nearby construction of an ecological carpark with 80 spaces, a playground with benches and a park for e-bikes will contribute to the regeneration of the whole ‘Monnerecher Kopp’ district.


Climate commitment

Sustainability is always a priority here, and the municipality of Mondercange signed a climate commitment contract with the Luxembourg State in July 2013, which empowers the municipal administration to take on a pioneering role when it comes to energy and climate issues. With model insulation and energy from renewable sources, the municipal workshops project meets all the required ecological criteria of quality and sustainability.

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is also a major focus for Mondercange, and the municipality has been keen to embrace the government’s MODU 2.0 sustainable mobility strategy. There are many important procedures already underway, including re-designs that will reduce traffic and improve the quality of life for local residents.


Outdoor spaces

Other exciting projects include the revitalisation of Molter park, with plans to build an intergenerational meeting place including spaces dedicated to beach volleyball, football, a bowling alley, playgrounds and much more.

European Capital of Culture 2022

The future looks bright for Mondercange and the Esch-sur-Alzette region. In fact, in 2022, Esch-sur-Alzette will carry the prestigious European Capital of Culture (ECoC) title.


A cultural melting pot

The region involved in ECoC 2022 includes the ProSud alliance (11 municipalities in Luxembourg), as well as the bordering French CCPHVA (Communité de communes du Pays Haut Val d’Alzette). As a Capital of Culture, one of the key subjects Esch-sur-Alzette aims to highlight is the benefits of European integration.

After all, it is here, in Europe’s former industrial heartland, where important foundations were once laid for European integration, and that today, over 120 different nationalities live in close proximity. In this diverse, modern and pioneering area, we get a glimpse of how Europe could look in the future.


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