Trying to reach a business or financial goal can often feel like a never-ending struggle, whether it is more job satisfaction, working fewer hours a week, buying that dream house or simply reaching a higher income. But what if there is a way to achieve these goals? This is where high-end business coach Meriam Slijkerman comes in.

Slijkerman started as a business coach in 2016 and has already built up an impressive resume of successful clients whose lives she helped to transform. From business owners who were able to multiply their income while cutting their working hours by half, to entrepreneurs who gained a renewed passion for their business and professionals who were finally able to quit their job and work independently.

“It is incredible to watch clients as they rise above themselves and transcend their goals. It gives me so much satisfaction. Especially when I get that call from a client who says: ‘yes I did it, I bought my dream house’,” she says.

High-end guidance

As a high-end business coach, she helps professionals push themselves to perform at the top level. “I work with experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to scale up or position themselves at a higher price point.”

Slijkerman’s line of coaching focuses on smart, effective entrepreneurship and going beyond invoicing by the hour. “It’s about working less, but increasing your income level. I help clients develop high value, high-priced programmes and successfully position those in the marketplace.”

Her clients are mainly fellow coaches, trainers and consultants, but also entrepreneurs from the creative and business services industries. “I am quite picky as to what clients I want to work with. This is not something for everyone – I look for someone who is committed and has real drive, so I know they will keep going despite the inevitable bumps along the way.”

Meriam Slijkerman: Taking business to the next level

Tools for success

Slijkerman herself is a shining example of the transformation that can be achieved. She used to work as a project manager in the Dutch social services sector and developed innovative business ideas alongside it. “I was doing 60- to 70-hour work weeks but I no longer experienced job satisfaction. I was ready to start a new phase of my life: I wanted to do something I felt passionate about and achieve better results. But I also wanted more time for myself and to not have to worry about my income,” she says.

This became Slijkerman’s new challenge, to find a business model that would cater to her needs. The solution: high-end entrepreneurship. “But I was lacking the tools and the knowledge to position myself successfully at a higher price point in the marketplace. I had to learn how to do this.”

Once she acquired the skills, it was her decision to commit that she was able to achieve her goals. She took the plunge and started her own high-end business coaching company. It gave her a new sense of purpose and also allowed her to live the life she wanted to live. “I now work on my own terms. I do a 20-hour workweek, I take 12 weeks of holiday and I don’t have to worry about my income. I want to show others that it is possible and inspire them.”

A lasting change

Over the years, she has refined her business to what it is today. In order to maintain a high-quality service, Slijkerman only works with a limited number of clients simultaneously. Slijkerman’s four-step coaching process typically lasts one year, but she often retains clients beyond that. “The first step is developing or refining the business idea itself: what makes it new and innovative, how do you position yourself in the marketplace and who is your customer. The second step is creating an effective marketing strategy and building the content. The third is implementation: actually selling it. And the fourth and final step is personal growth, so clients continue to enhance their leadership skills.”

The power of her coaching strategy is Slijkerman’s focus on making the business transformation last. “It takes time to build a solid foundation and connect all the different aspects. That’s why it takes a year. I don’t just offer my clients theory and knowledge, I actually help them implement these things in practice.”

Slijkerman works with clients throughout the Netherlands as well as abroad. She is a certified high-end business coach, sales coach and innovation trainer. She is keen to arrange personal ‘sparring sessions’ with entrepreneurs and business owners to discuss opportunities for growth. She can be contacted via her website.

Meriam Slijkerman Taking business to the next level


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