Enjoying the Good Life


Known for its vast beautiful landscapes and rich history, the Land of Cuijk is a region that will sweep you off your feet.

The Land of Cuijk has the best of worlds. Located in North Brabant, the area combines the warm hospitality that the region is famous for with a ‘bon-vivant’ lifestyle, where it is all about enjoying life through food, culture and living in the moment.

The beautiful scenery forms the backdrop for this laid-back lifestyle and the green meadows and clear blue water of the river Maas will take your breath away. Nowhere in the Netherlands will one find such a diverse landscape on such a small amount of ground. One can go for a walk or a bike tour in the forests of Sint Anthonis and the Overloonsche Duinen. Furthermore, the Maasheggengebied is the oldest culture landscape in the Netherlands and has recently, as the only one in the country, been rewarded as a UNESCO biosphere area.

Idyllic getaway

Consisting of 33 neighbouring towns and villages, the Land of Cuijk is the result of a collaboration to help bring out the best in the area: “It’s just a stone’s throw away from the German border as well as the oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen, which makes it the perfect base for any trip to the Benelux,” tourism manager of Regional Board of Tourism of the Land of Cuijk, Erik Jansen, explains.

Here, visitors can be close to the hustle and bustle of big cities as well as stunning green countryside, ideal for a holiday or just a short weekend getaway. With accommodation varying from fancy and luxurious resorts to bed & breakfast at a farm, or do-it-yourself campsites.

The Land of Cuijk is also a hotspot for lovers of sports, such as beautiful walking and cycle routes. But also, swimmers, surfers and divers will enjoy spending time here, as the area is home to several beautiful lakes, such as the Kraaijenbergse Plassen in Linden. Perfect for swimming, surfing and fishing activities.

Explore the past

Furthermore, there is even more to explore as the gorgeous surroundings are not only the perfect setting for a soothing break, but also tell the story of a time that once was. Shaped during different historical periods, each village has its own unique story and is well worth exploring. For example, the historical fortress town of Grave, which is known to be the most besieged town in Dutch history.

There are plenty of churches (the basilica in Boxmeer, for example), monasteries (Sint Agatha and Velp) and castles (Tongelaar and Aldendriel in Mill) built centuries ago to discover. Used as a settlement by the Romans, the traces of that time can still be seen in the town of Cuijk, for instance.

Entertainment for all

The Land of Cuijk also provides a lot of entertainment where locals and tourists can meet and mingle. During the carnival, the Four Day Marches and the international cycling event Daags na de Tour in Boxmeer, visitors from all over the Netherlands come to Land van Cuijk to party until the early hours.

Jansen: “In the Land of Cuijk, there is always something to do.” This is also home to Zoo Parc, as well as the well-known Oorlogsmuseum in Overloon, which unravels the history of the Second World War.

The quaint villages and town squares provide a wide variety of restaurants and cafés for a bite to eat or an opportunity to try one of the local delicacies. Jansen: “The essence of a hearty lifestyle is evident in every element – the activities, the delicious and honest food, the hospitality, the laughter. In the end, it all comes down to relaxing and having a good time, in the region known for its Good Life (Een Goei Leven)!”


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