In addition to managing others, a good leader has to be able to manage him – or her – self equally well. That means understanding their way of thinking in their leadership. “Because only then are you able to change the patterns, and make those changes lasting,” says Ivonne van Dis, who coaches professionals and executives to understand themselves better.

“People have a large capacity, but established routines often hold them back. By understanding these patterns, and therefore understanding how you think, it becomes much easier to use your full capacity,” she continues. To find out what effect these routines have, Van Dis provides ‘businessreadings’ in which she zooms in on the clients’ connection with the company and how their energy is related to their energy. Van Dis has been working with over 1,500 clients in this manner, from self-employed people to CEOs. She started her coaching bureau in 2009, when she became a certified coach, and expanded her training to become a certified ‘businessreader’ in 2013.

Don’t fear change

“People often act on instinct,” explains Van Dis. “I make my clients understand their instincts, without having any distractions from their daily routine. One way is taking my clients outdoors. To completely leave the routine behind and focus on the person themselves.” It is then, that clients start making conscious choices. “We are creatures of habit. Changing the habit and entering new experiences brings new energy, which translates into powerful decisions. So, do not be afraid of change. Be curious about the treasure hidden underneath.”


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