Charming shawls with a message


Like many women, artist Ingrid Budts always loved wearing shawls and has a large collection of different pieces. Last year she decided to start designing them herself. “I love how beautiful certain combinations of colours can be,” she says.

The name IBES scarves is a combination of the initials of Ingrid Budts’ name and ‘es’, a tree with the Latin name ‘Fraxinus excelsior’, often translated as ‘ever upward’ or ‘still higher’. She found inspiration in her gallery ES, close to Antwerp, which she opened ten years ago. Budts uses the highest quality, natural fabrics and only works with companies that deliver animal-friendly materials. Her shawls are available from her web shop and in several shops in Belgium from next year.

Others sources of inspiration for her designs are ancient history, religions and traditions, like the aboriginals, the Greeks, the Old Testament and Buddhist texts. “Behind every design lies a story,” Budts says. “I find it important to deliver a message with my shawls.” She also looks at the Zeitgeist for her creations. “With my message I intend to give the warmth and security that many people need these days to feel stronger against the outside world.”

One of her creations she is especially proud of is a red shawl named ‘Fire of the Phoenix’, made of silk georgette. “Just like the mythological bird, everyone passes through a rebirth one day,” she explains. Completely different is ‘Solid as a rock’, a grey and green piece of modal and cashmere. So far it is her only creation for both women and men. The idea came during a holiday in the Black Forest in Germany. “Wearing this shawl will make you more confident and earthly.”

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