‘Designing a home is like a Mondrian painting’


A great architect has to be creative and able to understand the customer’s wishes in order to translate them into a good design. “As an architect, you have to deliver something similar to a tailored suit,” says architect George van Luit, “regardless of whether it’s a new construction or a renovation.”

With George van Luit’s extensive experience and knowledge, he is also highly attuned to working creatively and realistically within financial, technical and aesthetic frameworks. Every design is created step-by-step in close harmony with the client. Brimming with enthusiasm, Van Luit uses his creativity and professionalism to turn each project into a bespoke, architectural solution.

“It all starts with the requirements of the client,” says George van Luit. “The concept of the house must align with each request that is made. Therefore, I must be able to empathise with the client to fully understand what they want, and then translate that into a design.”

According to Van Luit, detailing, proportions and choice of materials are key to creating a high-quality design. “Especially with today’s homes, you have to combine the perfect look with clever solutions. Where once the living room was the heart of the house, nowadays, the kitchen is the space where people are most active.”

Modern techniques also have to be taken into account. Whether it is choice of material, colour, light or even novel techniques and features, each element impacts the final design. George van Luit: “Designing a modern home is much like a Mondrian painting; the white areas are facades, the coloured windows and the black lines are the construction itself.”

George van Luit believes close contact and trust is required to create a perfect design. He works with a small team of experienced freelancers – who will, for example, create the detailed 3D drawings – allowing him to fully focus on the design and the clients. A personal approach is, for Van Luit, absolutely indispensable.

Web: georgevanluit.nl

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