Identity-based interiors with a smooth workflow


We spend a lot of time in the office, but often, they can be bleak and uninspiring. Firm architects wants to change this by creating stimulating work spaces. “We want our designs to be beautiful, benefit the employees and inspire awe in visitors,” says Niek Joanknecht, who runs Firm with partner Carolien Roos.

“We start by getting to know our client, researching their identity and workflow. Designing is not just about what we think looks good or works on pictures, it is about showing who the client is,” explains Joanknecht. “Besides that, a determined approach to project management is a necessity in the design process as well: meeting deadlines and delivering what is agreed upon.”

Firm is particularly adept at designing interiors for high-end offices that reflect the client’s ambitions. “For Amvest, a real estate investor and manager, we created something that was anything but a standard office; it was all specifically designed and tailor-made. We focused on creating a natural and healthy environment that is open, light and encourages interaction. The central staircase promotes usage over the elevator which deliberately moves at a very slow pace and is designed like a 20-square-metre meeting room with a moving view.”

The company prides itself on this strong ability to customise. “No office or company is the same, so you cannot use ‘standard’ solutions. That makes it so rewarding for us, designing something that reflects the company and lets us be as creative as possible,” smiles Joanknecht. “But most off all, we just want to have fun with our clients during the process.”


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