With summer around the corner, it’s time to make way for some fresh new looks. Here are the top new trends for this season – from elegant beachwear to comfortable leisurewear.

Feel-good dress

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this lovely summer dress. The flowing material and beautiful cut will flatter your figure as you spend carefree summer days with your family and friends. Its loose fit around the legs makes it comfortable all day long.


Casual, yet chic

The short-sleeved button-up shirt with a floral pattern is a versatile item for your summer wardrobe. It prepares you for both a stay at the beach and summer in town. The burgundy floral pattern goes well with light-coloured trousers and shorts.


Functional elegance

Have you have ever thought that hats often don’t suit you? Well, this straw visor will. Thanks to its wide brim, lightweight material and fine stitching, it is the perfect accessory for the beach. The elastic hook-fastened loop at the back makes it adjustable and keeps your head protected even if it’s windy.



Discover your new beach look with these elegant swim shorts. The striking contrast between blue and white creates a sporty look. Thanks to its straight cut, these shorts are an ideal companion for long days at the beach.
€24,98 reduced from €49,95


Graceful and proud

This fine, navy-blue swimsuit will bring out your best side. With a band under the bust and a slim golden decoration, it’s both comfortable and chic. Feel graceful and elegant while strolling along the beach!

Easy and stylish

This casual outfit is not only suitable for the gym, but doubles as a stylish leisure look. The glowing colour of this figure-hugging sweater adds a sense of freshness to your outfit and it can replace a jacket on chilly evenings.
Sweater: €59,95
Tracksuit bottoms: €49,95



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