More and more people in the Netherlands want to design their own homes. With ExS Architects, they have a partner that not only looks at the wishes of today, but also the needs of tomorrow. “A sustainable house has the capacity to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its inhabitants, and can endure in times of rapid change,” explains founder Elina Karanastasi.

ExS Architects is a team of architects and passionate technicians that have designed and created numerous villas and townhouses in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Nijmegen. “We create unique homes inspired by the individual needs of the people that are going to inhabit them, while creating sustainable solutions in the wider sense of the word, approached with creativity and unique design solutions,” elaborates the architect.

ExS Architects

The two villas ExS Architects conceived at the Leonidas location in Rotterdam, are a fine example of this. “We design unique architecture initialised by each location and its future users. The differences between the two villas, which are 50 metres apart, demonstrate how much we incorporate the initial needs and character of each client, as well as the surroundings.”

To ensure their clients follow each step of the journey with confidence, ExS Architects puts effort and attention into not only creating a great design, but also with their original six-step system to monitor the whole process. “We provide a total service, from technical drawings to budget monitoring. We keep providing that service, even after the completion of the project,” concludes Karanastasi.

ExS Architects

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