The compass of every interior


One can never judge a book by its cover and the same goes for a home. As an interior designer, it is Ingrid Verboom’s mission to bring out the best in every house, because only when the inside feels right, will the outside shine too.

Ingrid Verboom was brought up with a love for interior design, as her mother was an antiquarian. In keeping with her heritage, Verboom’s interior design firm, DWB2C, is in fact housed in the picturesque, white farmhouse which used to be her family’s antiques store. The name stands for ‘De Witte Boerderij’, Dutch for ‘The White Farm’, with its house number 2C. DWB2C specialises in interior renovations for homes.

Verboom’s speciality lies in her work with light. “Natural daylight can be seen as a compass in every house. Every time I enter a building, I observe where the sun comes up and where it goes down. It’s an element that I like to play with because it contributes to the atmosphere of an interior. Furthermore, windows often provide a mesmerising view to the landscape. After all, windows are the house’s eyes to the outside world.”

“It might sound simple, but the most important part of my work is to listen to the wishes of my clients,” she explains. “Only after I discover why a client would like to renovate, move or re-decorate, I can start to visualising their dream. That tiny bit of extra attention can make a massive change in the final outcome.”

She adds: “I run the renovation projects from A to Z. Only after I’m done putting up the last lamp up in the house, that is when I know my work is finished.”


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