The Jewel in Luxembourg’s Organic Crown


What we eat and where it comes from has never been more important. So believes Marc Emering, whose farm produces the award-winning Dudel-Magie organic chickens and spelt pasta, which you can find in some of Luxembourg’s best independent delis and food shops.

The farm, which has been organic since 2004, also has a farm shop open to the public and has even had a visit from the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. The pasta is made from organically produced spelt which can be grown in Luxembourg, rather than the durum wheat used in large-scale, commercially produced pasta.

Dudel-Magie’s popular specialities include garlic-flavoured pasta, saffron flavoured tagliatelle, green seaweed pasta and three-coloured fusilli, all made using organic herbs. Before the pasta however, came the chickens and, indeed, the eggs!

For Emering, Dudel-Magie is more than just a business. Born and raised at the farm, he is the third generation of his family to run it and, in 2008, he decided to convert it from what was primarily a dairy farm to an organic chicken farm. A few years later, in 2013, there happened to be a surplus of eggs which were considered unsuitable for sale in supermarkets and major retailers, as they were either too small or too large. Wondering what to do with so many eggs, the idea of creating the pasta was born and as spelt can be grown locally in Luxembourg, Marc had the idea of creating the spelt pasta.

The farm is now entirely free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, so nothing is genetically modified or harmful to the food chain and, thanks to eco-friendly solar panels, the farm is also energy efficient. The farm has won numerous awards for its eco-friendly and organic credentials, such as the Bio-Agrarpräis and Food Excellence Award, and prides itself on its ethos. “For us, sustainable agriculture is more than just a style of production,” says Emering. “It’s an essential way of life and a vital part of the farm’s future.”

Dudel-Magie’s artisan pasta and organic chickens can be bought direct from the farm shop in Sprinkange, which is less than an hour’s drive from the centre of Luxembourg and is open to the public on Saturday mornings from 9.30 – 12.30.

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