Whether you are a sports club, or your company competes in sporting events, you want your team to look good – and benefit from all the advantages of the finest sports gear. With the custom-made sports attire from Nicesports – made almost entirely using recycled materials – your team will look truly professional. “The personal relationships with our clients is why I do this. If they need me, I’ll be there for them,” says founder Tim de Nijs.

As a former top speedskater, De Nijs knows all too well about the benefits of top-notch sports clothing. After an accident, he had to leave the Dutch national team. “A few years later, I wanted to pick it up again. What shocked me, were the prices of good skating suits,” explains De Nijs. So, he designed a skating suit himself, at a third of the cost. “We used different materials, hence the lower cost, but achieved the same results: a suit that gives speedskaters support, stability and the correct posture.” This marked the beginning of Nicesports. “It started as a hobby, but quickly grew. And so too did my passion for designing affordable and sustainable tailor-made sporting gear.” Today, Nicesports makes clothes for nearly all sports. “We design a lot of team outfits for cyclists nowadays. Not just here in the Netherlands, but for teams all around the world.”

Nicesports Custom-made, sustainable sports gear, Discover Benelux

Together with his partner, De Nijs helps clients with the design of the outfits. “Being able to sit with them and think about the designs, is what really drives me. Once it is clear what they want, we build a personal webshop for them, so that their employees, for instance, can browse through the webshop and order their desired gear.” Periodically, the orders are processed. “We make all our clothes in European factories, so we can guarantee quality and a quick delivery.”

Over the last few years, Nicesports’ clothing has started becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly. “We can use old gear and create new clothes,” explains De Nijs. For example, they have created a line of runners’ gear, made completely from recycled materials, for Tony Chocolonely. Unfortunately, not all materials are suitable. But Nicesports makes sure the raw materials are harvested and processed in an eco-friendly manner. “Fully recycled clothes are where we are heading. And the quality is as good as that of new materials – you wouldn’t feel the difference.”

Nicesports Custom-made, sustainable sports gear, Discover Benelux


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