A century ago, the Dutch art movement De Stijl took the world by storm with its primary colours, straight lines and blank spaces. In 2019, the minimalist approach of Mondriaan is once again present in many interiors. Spruce up your home with a touch of yellow, cyan and magenta this spring.

1. Inked pots

Adding greenery to your interior doesn’t mean that emerald has to become the dominant shade in your home. With these chipper pots in plenty of sizes, the primary colours balance out the green invasion and brighten up your indoor garden.
From €41,35


2. Back in time

Whether you have a mantlepiece or not, this minimalist mantle clock fits any interior. Since it is handmade, you can pick the colour of the frame, hands and dial yourself. Besides this yellow-blue-red scheme, there are 124 other possible combinations to choose from.


3. Off the grid

Pleasant working environments make workers more productive. The grID desk is, with its clean lines and strong contrasts, not just easy on the eyes, it is also as ergonomic as they come. With a subtle handle, you adjust its height to your personal perfection.
Price on request


4. The original

The Red and Blue Chair from Gerrit Rietveld is one of De Stijl’s foremost symbols. The idea was to create a design chair, simple enough so people could construct it themselves. After a century, the chair is still a desired item in many interiors; and you no longer have to build it yourself.


5. Art against the wall

Who doesn’t want a famous painter’s work gracing their walls? With this wallpaper, inspired by the work of De Stijl icon Bart van der Leck, it is possible! The mesmerising print is entirely non-repetitive, allowing your imagination to run wild for a long time to come.



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