As business culture gets more horizontal by the day, the leadership style of today’s managers must follow. In future-focused companies, vertical leadership makes room for self-management and coaching. To remain successful, organisations must be able to continuously adapt to changing circumstances. Marianne van der Pool and Annemarie van der Meer, both ICF master certified coaches, along with their team, help leaders embrace that new reality. At CoachingSchool Amsterdam, they turn yesterday’s managers into tomorrow’s coaching leaders.

“There are many misconceptions about coaching,” says van der Pool. “Nowadays, almost everyone calls themselves a coach, while only few have the necessary skill set and knowledge.” At Coaching-School Amsterdam, leaders learn professional coaching skills to expand their leadership repertoire. “With different conversations, you get different results. A coaching leader stimulates its staff to come up with ideas themselves,” explains van der Meer. “Not only does that make your employees feel more involved, but it also leads you to ideas that you might not have come up with yourself. Today’s workers want responsibilities of their own, and that can be good for both themselves and the company.”

Teaching these skills, CoachingSchool Amsterdam does so through the in-company programme ‘Coaching in the Corporate Context’. “It consists of two levels. The first one – which takes a total of six days – helps leaders and internal coaches to take their coaching skills to the next level. Immersing yourself in the matter even more, you can do with the second level, which takes another four days.” With the entire programme being accredited by the International Coaching Federation, participants who have completed both levels can get certified by this prestigious institution.

‘Coaching in the Corporate Context’ provides you with a healthy mix of theory and practice, making it both substantial and concrete. “After completion, you are ready to implement these techniques in your daily work life. But practice makes perfect. As we usually offer trainings to groups of ten to 14 managers at once, we advise them to keep practising the techniques with each other,” says van der Pool.

“Living in a VUCA world (short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity),” adds van der Meer, “the jobs for which schools train today might be obsolete by tomorrow. Therefore, life-long learning, employability and a high grade of adaptability are paramount. Our coach training teaches you how to be a great leader in these exciting times and how to keep your company on the path of growth and innovation.”


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